Vox AC4TV 1x10 4-Watt Tube Guitar Combo Amp


The Vox AC4TV is a 4 watt tube combo guitar amplifier with a unique TV-front design and a 1x10" speaker. It features a single input with controls for Tone, Volume, and Op Level.

Product Specs

  • AC4TV 4-Watt 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo
  • Tan
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Vietnam

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Reviews for the Vox AC4TV 1x10 4-Watt Tube Guitar Combo Amp
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  • Great amp.

    Verified Purchase

    Tremendous Vox tone from a single 10” Celestion speaker at 1/4 watt. At 1 watt, you can get a dirtier sound if so desired with tone and volume at the 1:00 position. The only down side to this amp is at the 4 watt setting. 4 Watts is not room or house friendly even at the 12:00 position- way too l…

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  • Just Right

    Verified Purchase

    I purchased this as a home practice amp. I really like the warmth it provides. Maybe it's a placebo effect from the tubes taking a bit to warm up and cool down but it feels really organic and somehow more personal than other non-tube amps I've used. Nice cleans at 4w an even 1w. Will crunch when…

  • Verified Purchase

    Sounds great. Price was great. Seller was responsive and courteous.

  • Still has the Chime just smaller

    Verified Purchase

    Fantastic little valve amp!!! It for sure still has that quintessential Vox "chime," albeit in a small and quieter package than an AC15 or AC30. Perhaps, it might not have the clean headroom of its bigger brothers, but with a "Vox in a box" pre amp attached to provide a tone stack (Wampler, Thir…

  • Inexpensive tube amp, light, portable, great for travel

    Verified Purchase

    This little guy did much better with pedals than I though it would. This is the perfect amp for a child who is just learning to play - it isn’t that complicated, doesn’t have a bunch of controls to add confusion, and it sounds pretty good. It’s also a great amp for traveling, I’ve taken this to hot…