Vox AC30CH Custom 2-Channel 30-Watt Guitar Amp Head

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Reviews for the Vox AC30CH Custom 2-Channel 30-Watt Guitar Amp Head
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  • My favorite AC30.

    Verified Purchase

    Had the combo, loved it, my brother also loved it and bought it. Because it was so heavy I opted to get the head this time to break that weight up into chunks. I couldn't be happier with it. I prefer it to the handwired models because it has reverb, tremolo, effects loop, and an attenuator. Lov…

  • Verified Purchase

    Sounds Great! Ben kinda like building a snowman. Got this 30 watt head atop a pair of hand wired cabs. Four Creambacks and a USA deluxe Tele be like... Hey George come check his out. I Love my Fender tube amps, but like Fender this is a sound I grew up with and love.

  • All the AC30 goodness with a on board attenuator!

    Verified Purchase

    The VOX AC30 is one of the great iconic amps of all time. The AC30CH Custom Head version with the on board 3 position Reactive Attenuator now makes it playable for those of us without a stadium to rock out in! I have and use a Weber attenuator but the lowest 1/3 watt setting of the on board attenua…