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Reviews for the Vintage V100AFD Reissued Paradise Flamed Amber
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  • Best LP out there

    Verified Purchase

    Vintage have been bringing out some good gear, and we all heard and tried the Icon V6 Strat version. This is an even better LP style guitar. I am not just saying it is good for the price, I am saying it is great as a LP, and worth much much more! Love it.

  • Great Guitar!

    Verified Purchase

    This has to be one of the nicest guitars i have played. Price is more than fair which will allow for some person upgrades in future.

  • A top brand name guitar slayer!

    Verified Purchase

    I recently came across the vintage brand online by a local music shop. The prices caught my attention, as well as the online reviews after reading into the vintage brand. After getting my hands on a couple in the store I wanted one in each model they had! Being a long time slash fan the paradise LP …