VHT AV-SP1-6 Special 6 1x10" 6W Guitar Combo Amp

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Reviews for the VHT AV-SP1-6 Special 6 1x10" 6W Guitar Combo Amp
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  • Great seller and AMP

    Verified Purchase

    Awesome seller, fast shipping and some much appreciated free gifts include. I mean how can you go wrong by ordering an amp and getting a free yoyo with you purchase?

  • Designed in the US and wired in China. A boutique amp will cost you beaucoup bux . This amp is inexpensive and and excellent! Spend the money you save on your girlfriend/wife. Reap the benefits and rock on.

  • Great Amp for home and jamming with friends

    Verified Purchase

    I am enjoying the sweet sound of this amp. The stock combo speaker is ok but the extension speaker jack allows you to plug into your favorite speaker cab which is my preference. The tone is rich and smooth. The stock speaker is easy to replace and there are a few outstanding choices. Plenty of headr…

  • VHT SPECIAL 6 10”

    Verified Purchase

    Added JJ’s and a Weber Signature 10s and can’t beat it for the money. Use it for harp and lap steel.

  • Blues Harp...

    Verified Purchase

    Just bought this from a professional blues harp player and engineer and designer of a blues harp mic; he had this rebuilt to be used specifically with playing a blues harp. It's great... love it.