VHT AV-RL-M6 Redline Micro 6 Amp Pedal

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Reviews for the VHT AV-RL-M6 Redline Micro 6 Amp Pedal
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  • Great for travelling

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal amp is great for travelling! It weighs nothing, is very small, and is very functional. Tone knob has great variability. Clean up to a volume of about 5, then has some nice overdrive. This is not a tube amp! It’s a inexpensive pedal! It is fantastic for what it is intended for! The…

  • Cool pedal.

    Verified Purchase

    I'd give it a 5 but it doesn't support a lot of bottom end. Very loud, not loud enough for a bar gig but very close.

  • More than I expected

    Verified Purchase

    Solid sate amps have a well deserved reputation for being quieter than you'd expect given their wattage rating. My HoTone Purple Wind solid state amp is rated at 5w and it is bedroom quiet. I have a VHT 6w tube amp that is so loud it runs people out of the bedroom. Now this solid state VHT Redline …

  • VHT redline micro 6 Amp pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Nothing extraordinary or new, the amp is noisy and when volume passes 3 the sound becomes too overdriven. I got what I paid for.

  • Great Amp in a pedal!

    Verified Purchase

    This is a nice little way to amplify. I set up a pedal board and put the Redline on the tail end. Plugged it into a closed back cab with a hempcone speaker. At 9 volts, it sounds really good clean or distorted. Mind you, it doesn't sound exactly like a tube amp... is that surprising? But if you want…