Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Quad Audio Interface


Bringing together two formidable SHARC processors, lightning-fast Thunderbolt interface, and two Unison-capable mic preamps emulating a world of studio icons, the Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo Audio Interface brings professional studio production power to your desktop. Use the same A/D 24-bit/192kHz resolution found in the fabled Apollo series to record your tracks with near-zero latency and incorporate onboard emulations from EQs and tape machines to guitar stomp boxes for your best tracks yet.

Product Specs

  • Apollo Twin MKII Quad Audio Interface
  • Dark Grey
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Quad Audio Interface
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  • It's great!

    Verified Purchase

    If you travel around a lot but want a nice sounding Thunderbolt interface with two separate outputs so you can still do some A/B mixing comparisons, this will be it. Bonus: the onboard DSP eliminates any of the latency you normally get when playing through some cool plugin. The result: plugging m…

  • Exceptional Interface

    Verified Purchase

    I was an user of a Focusrite Clarett 2Pre Thunderbolt, the flagship interface of Focusrite, although It was a big step forward from my Komplete Audio 6, I was not completely satisfied, Now with this Apollo Twin MkII QUAD I feel that I made the same jump in quality I mainly play guitar in a home Stu…

  • Once you board the UAD train, you can't get off.

    This interface changed the way I record and mix, hands-down. PROS: - Excellent conversion - UAD plugin market is second to none - Great pair of preamps (with "Unison" flexibility to model other classic pres) - Console software is an adjustment, but tracking through/printing plugins is a huge time s…

  • apollo mkII

    Verified Purchase

    Had the original Apollo then went to lynx hilo with external pre amps ,now back with the new apollo and it sounds so much better than original. Like most will tell you the low end is smooth and the highs not as harsh ,may have to do with my mixing skills also .Still no lynx hilo but you cant beat re…


    Verified Purchase

    Best traveling/home studio interface on the market!