The Universal Audio 4-710d raises the bar for flexibility and valuable high over its head. This tone-blending four channel mic preamp / DI also features simplified 1176-style limiters per channel and premium A/D conversion to make for the perfect front-end upgrade to your existing interface. Dial in your tone from a lightning fast, musically transparent solid-state circuit to a take on UA's famed 610 tube preamp, or anywhere in between thanks to a phase-aligned control that lets you find the exact sound you hear in your head.

Product Specs

  • 4-710d 4-Channel Microphone Preamp
  • SIlver
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Universal Audio 4-710d Four-Channel Mic Preamp
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  • Big bang for the buck

    You really get a lot for the money here. Four 710 mic pres each with 1176ish compression. I'm sold!

  • UA 4-710D

    Verified Purchase

    Pleasantly surprised. Increased the latitude of the locker.

  • Unbelievable bang for your buck.

    Verified Purchase

    I worked out of a studio for three years that saw the 4-710d rotate as a centerpiece converter solution and standalone preamps, and years later, I made the purchase again. The sheer price point alone is excellent - roughly $375 per pre - and the endless amount of features are just extra. I'm curren…

  • 4-610

    Verified Purchase

    Kick Ass, only thing better could be the Manley voxbox I own an old 2-610 and a 737 and it sounds better to me overall.

  • Studio Staple

    Verified Purchase

    I used this preamp for many years in my studio, and I couldn't be happier with how it performed on a regular basis on almost every source, but especially drums, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass.

More Information

Universal Audio's 4-710d Twin-Finity microphone preamp is a 4-channel unit with two discrete signal paths per channel -- one high-voltage tube circuit and one discrete solid-state circuit. A simple control allows the user to choose one circuit or the other, along with a phase-aligned blend of any ratio in-between.

This multichannel version also offers eight channels of 24-bit A/D conversion, and four scaled down versions of the 1176 compressor

Features: 75Hz Hi-pass filter, -15dB pad, discrete J-FET DI, 70+dB of gain, 48V phantom power, polarity switch, 8-channel A/D converter, 4x 1176-style compressors