Trace Elliot ELF 1x10" 300-Watt Compact Bass Extension Cabinet

Product Specs

  • ELF 1x10" 300-Watt Compact Bass Extension Cabinet
  • Black
  • 2010s
Speaker Configuration
  • 1x10"

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Reviews for the Trace Elliot ELF 1x10" 300-Watt Compact Bass Extension Cabinet
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  • Exactly What I Needed!

    Verified Purchase

    This little cab is exactly what I was looking for, at a price considerably than the boutique brands' offerings. It weighs less than my 20 watt Roland, even paired with my Quilter Bass Block head, and sounds fantastic. Easy to carry, easy to put on top of a 12" or 15" cab if I need to for bigger venu…

  • Great little lightweight cab....

    Verified Purchase

    This cab is VERY light weight and portable. The fit and finish is also excellent. At first, I thought I didn't like the sound of this cab w/neo driver. I thought it sounded thin and nasal. What I have found is that the cab and the neo 10 sound very nice, WHEN PAIRED WITH SOMETHING OTHER THAN the Tra…

  • Best Small Cab Ever!

    I now own 12 of these little beauties that I use in different configurations with different bass heads/racks for different gigs. Amazing sound-punchy, full and with great low end extension. Hook up four to your SVT (as I did) and it's tone paradise. Cheers!

  • Great sound in a small package

    Verified Purchase

    This is excellent, it's light weight, sounds big and is perfect for smaller room for gigs. Fully pro speaker.

  • Verified Purchase

    great little speaker, clear and powerful, and light to carry! love it!