The Tone City Dry Martini captures the gritty power of a well-known overdrive in an ultra-compact, affordable pedal.

  • Controls: Volume/Tone/Gain knobs, voice switch

  • Other Features: True bypass

Product Specs

  • Dry Martini
  • White
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Tone City Dry Martini Overdrive
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  • Love it!

    Verified Purchase

    Love it!

  • Seems a very linear boost

    Verified Purchase

    This has been described at an OCD clone. I don't know about that cause I don't have an OCD but I have a hustle drive and the dry martini is quite different. The hustle has a softer more flattering high end. The martini is flatter in high end response. If you're looking to retain some twang in the tone the martini might be your ticket.

  • A Dry Martini for the Obsessive Compulsive

    Verified Purchase

    Build quality is on par (maybe a little better) for pedals in this price range. The sound is fantastic! I have tested it against the "real deal" and this one was superior in sound. This is the third Dry Martini I have bought. They last, but I can't find a pedal board I don't want it on- but at this price, I can put one on each!

  • Kicking Arse

    Verified Purchase

    These Tone City pedals are pretty friggin' incredible. First, they're heavy. Holding a Tone City pedal in one hand and a Mooer in the other, one can't help but admire the heft of the Tone City pedal. A few kgs really add up. I went hook, line, and sinker, picking up a handful of Tone City's line-up,…