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Reviews for the Tom Anderson Classic S Common Finish
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  • Tom Anderson Hollow T

    Verified Purchase

    The product is nothing short of amazing with regards to playability tone! I changed the strings, with a trouble with the tuners being too stiff. Not sure if that’s a product issue or maintenance/storage issue.

  • Anderson classic stratocaster

    Verified Purchase

    I love the new guitar, it plays great and sounds beautiful! The neck is perfect and I am more than happy with my purchase!

  • Contoured T

    Verified Purchase

    I love everything about this guitar. I have the M1 and TM3 pickups, bold and beefy, clear, yet not shrill in any way. The fretwork is awesome, the neck feels perfect in my hands. It's a +.5 Even Taper, and it feels familiar, and beautifully finished. It's a fantastic instrument.

  • It's not just the's the wiring and the pickups

    Verified Purchase

    This guitar represents 40+ years of guitar building excellence. He originally produced guitar parts for Pensa-Suhr, Tyler, and Sadowsky. His pickups started in Schecter Japan in the early 80's. He's been building pickups as long as Seymour Duncan. This guitar is an integrated whole: from the pi…

  • Verified Purchase

    This guitar is the best guitar I have played in my 40 years of playing. I have owned gibsons (les paul custom 1970., L5, es 335 and also a suhr strat and this surpasses them all in construction, sound. Intonation and playability..