Tiptop Audio HATS909 : Eurorack Module : NEW : [DETROIT MODULAR]
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Reviews for the Tiptop Audio HATS909
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  • Typique 909

    Verified Purchase

    Un son bien 909 reconnaissable, la possibilité de faire un charley bien cinglant, mais aussi les trucs bien pouet pouet chers aux accros du modulaire.

  • Verified Purchase

    Classic analog sound with options AM/FM synthesis. These TT drum modules really shine in a live context.

  • Nails the 909 sound, but goes beyond.

    Verified Purchase

    The analog circuit makes everything you do with it sound just right - a subtle but recognizable 909 flavor.

  • Iconic Hi-Hats

    Verified Purchase

    Clone of the TR 909 Hi-Hats using the same low-fi sample, envelope and filter used in the original. Has greatly increased tuning range. Combined with FM and AM modulation you can come up. with some unique distorted sounds as well as instantly recognizable TR909 hats