The Loar LH-700 Deluxe Solid Archtop Acoustic Guitar


The Loar LH-700 is a professional-grade archtop acoustic guitar with premium features and appointments. Finely crafted with a hand-carved AAA-flamed spruce top, AAA maple back and sides and figured maple neck, the LH-700's stylish looks are bested only by its sound and playability. The LH-700 boasts the iconic sound of 1920s archtops, with great projection and a beautifully dry sound, making it a favorite amongst professional jazz guitarists and archtop enthusiasts.

Product Specs

  • LH-700
  • Violin Sunburst
  • 2010s
Right / Left Handed
  • Right Handed

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Reviews for the The Loar LH-700 Deluxe Solid Archtop Acoustic Guitar
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  • Swing machine

    Verified Purchase

    If you are thinking about purchasing a Loar acoustic archtop, I'd highly recommend reading everything you can find about these guitars on the jazzguitar forum and elsewhere online. In particular, you should understand how parallel bracing affects the tone of an archtop (and how this sets the Loars a…

  • Verified Purchase

    This is my first archtop. It certainly has a different sound from a flat top, but it's growing on me as I play it. I think the sound is getting better as I play more or maybe I'm just getting used to it. I thought the bridge looked very high when I first got the guitar and the action very low, and …

  • Sounds beautiful!

    Verified Purchase

    Not only is this guitar just plain beautiful, but the sound really is fantastic! Ultimately, one's opinion of the LH-700 sound is going to boil down to the sound that they're looking for. With that in mind, this guitar is an archtop first, and an acoustic second. You're going to get a well-rounded a…