The Loar LH-600-VS Hand-Carved Archtop Vintage Sunburst

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Reviews for the The Loar LH-600-VS Hand-Carved Archtop Vintage Sunburst
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  • Great archtop, amazing for the price.

    Verified Purchase

    The guitar has a beautiful loud vintage archtop sound and it is easy to play even with medium gauge strings. The quality of built is excellent.

  • Worth the money.

    Verified Purchase

    This guitar sounds like a good archtop acoustic should sound, after I rasped the neck down to a decent thickness. The neck is too thick from factory. It isn't even smooth. A club hooked on to a good body.

  • Nice acoustic Jazz Box

    Verified Purchase

    Very nice value for a reasonably priced Jazz Box. I think it's a tad over-built, but better to be over-built than flimsy. Comfortable neck and low action. Rings well for both solo'ing and chords. BTW - the Loar Shop is a great place to buy from - they treated me very well.