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Reviews for the Tech 21 Q\Strip Parametric EQ
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  • My new can't-live-without pedal

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is exactly as described by Tech 21. So far I have played bass and guitar through it. To emulate classic tones, this is a home run. I line up the pedals I use live and finish with the Q-Strip. It just polishes your tone.

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  • Great Tool for Toolbox

    Verified Purchase

    All the things this pedal can do for you is insane. Can go just about any where on your board depending on your need, handy for performing and recording.

  • Super versatile!

    Verified Purchase

    EQ, DI, LPF, HPF, BOOST pedal. Pretty transparent with everything at noon. Great pedal and worth every penny, especially when it can be used on any instrument.

  • Excellent tone-shaping piece, and a serious contender in the cab sim department

    Verified Purchase

    I replaced my OmniCabSim with this, and it more than does the job. With two bells, two shelfs, and two filters, you can dial in some excellent cab tones.

  • Verified Purchase

    Quite frankly the most robust piece in my signal path. Sure it's a basic concept (EQ/Preamp/DI), but the overall quality of your tone improves as soon as you kick it on. Works great for bass and guitar! I play through experimental delay, reverb, phaser, and synth chains and this thing puts an unprecedented polish on things before it hits my interface.