Sporting a slick design, five effects including reverb, delay, distortion and boost sections as well as Tech 21's SansAmp, Plex and DLA built right in, the Fly Rig 5 is a compact multi-effect with plenty of power under the hood. Measuring just twelve inches long and capable of replacing any pedalboard, this unit is the perfect choice for any guitarist looking to streamline their setup and breakdown while retaining quality effects.

Product Specs

  • Fly Rig 5
  • Metal
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5
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  • Great For In The Live Through PA

    Verified Purchase

    The reason I bought one, I play Jazz and this pedal does a nice job. I don't use the plexi side of it for my style but I can tell it can get wicked. The Verb comes across as spring reverb which is good for my style and the delay setting slightly adjusted fattens up the verb in my case. Sounds very …

  • Verified Purchase


  • Verified Purchase

    This does exactly what I hoped it would: provide a realistic emulation of a fender tube amp, with a dynamic and highly useable marshall-style overdrive. The knobs are a little small and fiddley, but I guess they have to be to keep the pedal this small. The reverb is decent for providing a little am…

  • Verified Purchase

    great delay and plexi. Super product especially if playing thru fronts and recording systems.

  • Fly Rig Review

    Verified Purchase

    I wanted something that would allow me to play electric guitar on my solo gigs without bringing an amp and micing it. This is the PERFECT solution for running direct into PA. It sounded fantastic. I had it set up for clean tones on the neck P/U and with just a little dig I could get a nice breaku…