The TC Helicon VoiceTone E1 is an echo and delay pedal with XLR inputs and outputs for adding delay sounds to your microphone. It features 13 different delay types, feedback knob, and wet/dry mix knob as well as an analog delay simulation and tap tempo functionality.

Product Specs

  • Voicetone E1
  • Orange
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the TC Helicon Voicetone E1
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  • Finally!

    Verified Purchase

    Between this, and my Boss VE-1 on my pedal board, I can get all the effects I need on my vocals at the right time without relying on a sound man or lack thereof. Life is good.

  • Verified Purchase

    Excellent. Dig it!!!

  • Probably perfect

    Verified Purchase

    The gain knob is odd. I mean, any little adjustment and it starts to clip the signal and sound like a megaphone. The only other complaint I know I'll get used to, with use, but I don't really know what all the settings are for. Mostly I use the tap tempo...and that's fantastic.

  • Verified Purchase

    Pedal works great, it's exactly what I've been looking for.