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Reviews for the TC Helicon TalkBox Synth
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  • Best Sound W/O the Tube

    I've owned and used the EHX Talking Machine, Voice Box & Cock Fight, as well as several other "vocal" wahs. This one delivers the best imitation of a true talk box. Dialing in the pedal's controls are easy enough, but it does take a bit of practice to master it's nuances. Build is solid and only needs standard 9v, unlike their harmony pedals that need 12v and 400mA.

  • Not for keys!

    Verified Purchase

    My buddy has a regular tube-type talkbox that he uses with his keyboard/synth with some really cool results. I wanted to try it and thought this would be cleaner and easier to use than a tube. But with my keys it crackles and pops and feeds back, even with guitar sounds. Apparently it needs those…