TC Helicon Duplicator Vocal Doubling/Reverb/Correction Pedal


The TC Helicon Duplicator is a device that allows for easy double tracking of your vocals. Simply plug in your microphone of choice and adjust the doubling effect from "loose" to "tight" to "octave" to dial in a range of various styles that all serve to expand and enhance the timbre of your voice. The Duplicator also incorporates onboard reverb, pitch correction, and a general tone-enhancing engine under the hood that automatically applies EQ, de-essing, and compression to whatever vocal you run into this simple and effective vocal effect box.

Product Specs

  • Duplicator Vocal Doubling/Reverb/Correction Pedal
  • Green
  • 2010s
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the TC Helicon Duplicator Vocal Doubling/Reverb/Correction Pedal
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  • Limited applications

    Verified Purchase

    Would budget for a more professional level unit if I had to do it over. Okay for dropping into the line in a pinch. My daughter likes it for her production work, she doesn't mind the digital artifacts and lack of warmth. She says it adds something "a little different" for her electronica and dance…

  • Verified Purchase

    Great piece! Thickens vocals & has a dramatic effect. Well worth having In the arsenal!

  • Verified Purchase

    Doesn't work that well

  • Can be the change you need

    Verified Purchase

    I've been using this pedal for about a month and a half now. From small PA in practice space to professionally run sound in clubs/venues, it produces a quality doubling effect. For that, I love this pedal. It brightens tone and balances EQ very well. Cons: the pitch correction can be your enemy. I …

  • TC Excellence

    Verified Purchase

    Love it