Packing a vintage-voiced monophonic octaver and polyphonic octave engine along the company's signature TonePrint modulation engine all with two sub knobs, one up knob, and a dry control, the TC Electronic Sub N' Up Octaver offers unprecedented octave possibilities. A natural fit for the stoner rock set, this pedal opens doors to new experimental possibilities when paired with other effects.

Product Specs

  • Sub N' Up Octaver
  • Red
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the TC Electronic Sub N' Up Octaver Pedal with TonePrint
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  • not enough "up" for my taste

    Verified Purchase

    It's a great pedal and I'm sure it'll work fine for many...but I needed more out of the octave up function...I think it's trying to sound more realistic/subtle with the octave up function...but that's just, like, my opinion, man...

  • Cant go wrong with TC Electronics

    Another great and versatile pedal from TC. If you are looking for an Octaver make sure you check this one out before making a final decision. Highly recommend.

  • Another great TC Electronic Product

    Verified Purchase

    Very versatile Octave pedal. From basic octave to organ-type sounds, many settings available. I still have to dive into the Toneprint settings, but pedal tracks well and sounds great with original settings.

  • In a shootout, this one won out

    Verified Purchase

    I previously had an octaver that I was getting tired of and a few extra reverb bucks so I decided to shoot out this versus the Hungry Robot Monastery and EHX Nano POG. In the classic mode, the TC and the POG are nearly identical, but the TC has the extra sub octave. The Poly mode is so clean, it can…

  • Fun Octave Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Sub N Up octave pedal is a fun, quirky kind of a pedal that creates some really great octave effects. Like the name implies, you are able to dial in both an ‘up’ octave, a ‘down’ octave, even a ‘sub - two octaves down’ note. You can choose to have all 3 at once or dial in which octave(s) you want…