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The TC Electronic SpectraComp is an ultra-compact, ultra-simple, ultra-powerful bass compressor pedal that deserves a spot on every bassist's board. Using the same powerful dynamics engine as the System 6000 processor, the SpectraComp makes use of multiband compression for a response that's perfectly tailored for bass guitar, giving you a blooming and present low-end while keeping the entirety of the signal in check. TC's "Tone Print" technology allows you to connect the pedal to your computer via USB to edit a wide range of parameters to tweak the sound and performance of the SpectraComp to your exact requirements, giving you a limitless amount of tonal possibilities to make this little monster one of the most versatile bass comps on the block.

Product Specs

  • SpectraComp Bass Compressor
  • Black
  • 2010s

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