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Reviews for the TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz
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  • Verified Purchase

    a nice muff clone with surprisingly a lot of body. sounds sick with my bass, and nice and beefy. a good pedal for the price!

  • Great bang for buck

    Verified Purchase

    It works great and it sounds amazing with a cranked amp or an overdrive pedal before it. Love the tone. Not a fan of the switch though: it engages the pedal upon release, not when depressed. Poor design choice in my opinion.

  • The Sweetest of Pots

    I anticipated the release of this pedal for weeks on end. I was not disappointed. What struck me immediately was the girth this thing offers, the low-end is full of character and is always present. When you max-out the Tone knob, it doesn't roll off the bass, but rather introduces more harmonics and…