The TC Electronig G Major 2 is a powerful rack mount multi-effects processor that gives you MIDI capabilities, as well as many of TC Electronic's most well-known effects, including Tri-Chorus, the Through-Zero-Flanger, and more of TC's best delays, reverbs, and modulation effects. This state-of-the-art processor gives you a ton of power and advanced MIDI capabilities to create the most user-friendly, streamlined effects processor possible.

Product Specs

  • G Major 2
  • White
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the TC Electronic G Major 2
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  • Pleasantly surprised

    Verified Purchase

    My main rig centers around the line 6 Helix rack and I purchased the G Major 2 for my practice rig. Before the GM2, I was using the BOSS GT-5 which I have sworn by since it's arrival in the 90s. Still do. I purchased the GM2 because the idea of narrowing my longer cable runs down to just 1 midi c…

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  • Phenomenal piece of equipment

    Verified Purchase

    Doesn’t muddy up your core tone, fairly easy to learn how to program it. Lots of present patches that you can store as a user patch and alter. Also has the ability to switch amp channels. Does not have distortion.

  • I own two now.....

    Verified Purchase

    I used an original G major for years in the loop of my Soldano SLO.....flawless and never a problem. Did not alter my tone, and the relay is amazing...it turns an amp's preamp section into basically a midi controlled preamp, matching every preset change with no gaps in sound. I upgraded to the g …

  • G-Major 2

    Verified Purchase

    As far as sound and programmability are concerned, the unit is top-notch. This replaces a G-Major that died after having been cleaned so many times, so I do have a concern about its longevity. Plus, since t.c. was bought, their customer service seems to have decreased. But this units still kicks …

  • Fantastic Processor

    Verified Purchase

    I ran a G-Major for years and just recently upgraded to a G-Major 2. This unit does not muddy or alter your core tone in anyway. Once you spend a few minutes with this unit you find it very easy to program as well so you do not lose time tinkering with the effects vs playing. The external control…