The TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor sends your guitar tone back to the golden years of analog compression with options from a subtle warmth to an all-out squash. Made with an all-analog signal path emulating the sounds of classic pedals from the '70s and '80s, the Forcefield employs a three-knob design of Level, Sustain, and Tone to add either a dollop of organic presence to your playing or a squelched signal that will last for days. Plus, with the Sustain taken down and the Level up, the Forcefield can be used as a dedicated booster for nailing those solos or making leads more pronounced.

Product Specs

  • Forcefield Compressor
  • Light Grey
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor Pedal
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  • Tone Game Changer for under $50, why not?

    Verified Purchase

    I recommend this TC pedal to anyone looking for studio quality compression in a stomp pedal. It's super clean and easy to dial in several different variations. I can't believe the difference in my sound - it's very subtle, but after playing it for an hour or two, I know that I'll never take it out of my signal chain now. ShawnShine.

  • Verified Purchase

    Sounds great.

  • Great Piece of Gear!

    Inexpensive and does what it's supposed to and it's easy to use. Built like a tank so it's made to last. 2 nit picky thing though. 1st the way you have to take the whole top part off to get a battery in there. 2nd is that i just don't like input/output all tat h much being on the top of a peal but…

  • good, nice and cheap

    Verified Purchase

    Good points: well built like a tank by a good brand. If you start dealing with compression this is a good one to start with. easy to use Classic compression sound A bargain for the price Not so good points: Sound can get a bit muddy. An EQ knob would be great, like the mooer yellow comp A bit oversized

  • Verified Purchase

    This is my first compressor I’ve owned, but I love this pedal. I can tell a major difference in my tone the second I turn it on.