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Reviews for the Taylor 322e 12-Fret Shaded Edgeburst 2016
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  • Small guitar with a big sound!

    Verified Purchase

    Two package! I love this guitar!

  • Warm and versatile

    I've owned a 2016 322e for about 3 months and it has become my "go to"guitar. The small body and short neck make it extremely comfortable to play when sitting. Placing the bridge lower gives it a remarkably warm tone, but that tone is easily modified by the angle and effort of attack much more other guitars I have played - and, can't beat the Taylor amplification.

  • Exceptional 12 Fret

    An Amazing instrument. I would say anyone not happy with this guitar is simply looking for something different. I love the size and I don't find the tone lacking at all. It just has a sort of different "body" to it. I find the notes to be crisp and it has that "plucky" sound when finger picking. I'm…