The T-Rex Replicator puts the power of a vintage magnetic tape echo unit in a guitar pedal. Featuring two playback heads with three operation modes, motors, and actual magnetic tape, the Replicator is a tape echo pedal with extensive versatility. The Replicator offers controls for Delay Level, Feedback, Delay Time, Master Volume, Chorus, and Saturation, with two expression pedal inputs for added hands-free operation of the delay time and feedback respectively. The four footswitches toggle the effect On/Off, switch between the three Head modes, activate the Chorus effect, and allow for a Tap tempo. The unique replaceable cartridge's magnetic tape makes the Replicator feel like an organic part of your sound.

Product Specs

  • Replicator Tape Delay
  • Brown
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Denmark

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