Compact but packing a powerful punch, the T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior will power five pedals with five isolated outputs for quiet power and lack of noise. The 9V power supply has switchable 115V or 230V mains that will keep your pedalboard neat and clean from untidy power cables.

Product Specs

  • Fuel Tank Junior
  • Red
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Denmark

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Reviews for the T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior
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  • It’s great for what it is.

    Verified Purchase

    I’ll just start by saying that I am meticulous about my tone and gear. I’ve trouble shot and rewired my pedalboard after hearing some unwanted mystery noise. I have very little patience for that when playing live so relievable, clean power is mandatory. That said, this unit is on two of my pedal …

  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior

    Verified Purchase

    So far so good. This power supply is built like a tank. The first thing I notice (or not notice) is the absence of hum and buzz, which is one of the reasons I bought this thing in the first place. It's a much better setup than the daisy-chain. I installed this under the pedal board I built for my so…

  • Great Power Supply

    Compact quiet power supply

  • Verified Purchase

    works mang

  • Silent powaaaaaaa!

    Verified Purchase

    Great simple pedal power for a simple board. Solid cheaper alternative to a Walrus Aetos. The 9v outputs can be split too if you buy adapters, so it could power up to 10 pedals (if the pedal milliamps don’t exceed 100 per output.) Nice quiet clean power supply, also it’s international power input voltage is impressive, won’t ever need it but I think that’s really cool.