Supro Blues King 12 15-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo

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Reviews for the Supro Blues King 12 15-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo
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  • Definitely unique sounding.

    I'll start off by saying what I don't like: Power cable is fixed and does NOT detach which could be a big problem if you ended up accidentally tripping over it during a performance. That being said I am just using this as a bedroom amp so it doesn't hurt me. The dirty tones out of the amp may not …

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  • Great sounds,,, All of them

    Yes, This amp has all the sounds you will need. With my Gretsch 6120? It is the BEST! I highly recommend this to a blues/jazz/50's like guitar player. The amp is so nice and cute as well. This is no toy! This is what makes many a guitarist very happy! Trust me. You will not regret it! Play humbuckers/zcoils/single coils/jazzmaster/TV Jones Classics through it.. All good

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  • Versatility in a small package!

    I approached this amp as I do like any other, first can it give me a Nice warm clean tone. CHECK! hows the reverb? reminds me of a cross between Vintage Fender and the Sproingyness of a old Silvertone twin 12. unique, but not unusable. Just enough sproing to have a character of its own. 3-5 o…

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  • A Time Machine Rocker/Blues Machine!

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    The Supro Blues King 12 is a rocker. And unique. She everything I'd hoped her to be. And in some ways more. Her basic sound is exactly what the ad blurbs said. The sound of early rock and fifties Chicago blues. I.e, the sound of her roots. Her original home town. I suspect her design was a labor…

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  • Nifty little amp that surprises.

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    The Supro Blues King takes pedals well, but doesn't need a pedal to sound good. I was surprised how versatile it is when you use the boost and gain switches. The good news is that it sounds good without those switches being engaged. The basic sound (just using the controls on your guitar and th…