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Reviews for the Suhr Classic Pro SSS
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  • 2017 SSH w V70s and SSV

    Verified Purchase

    I didn't know what a real strat was until I played this guitar. The things that stand out aside from the usual stuff like the awesome feeling neck and killer sound of the pickups are the quality of construction and attention to detail. e.g. I had to adjust the setup when I got mine (second-hand, I…

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  • The Better Strat?

    Verified Purchase

    Simply the best Strat I've ever played. Incredible fit and finish. Great neck. Sweet tone that is maybe a little more modern. Had a couple of questions and Suhr customer service was awesome. Highly recommended.

  • Verified Purchase

    Incredible well made guitar! Best Strat I’ve ever played. Stays in tune well.

  • Finally i get a long with a Strat

    Verified Purchase

    Just finished recording with my new suhr sss. Amazing!!!!!

  • Best JM style guitar EVER!

    Verified Purchase

    I gotta say, Suhr knows how to improve on old classics. I have the JM Classic Pro with S90 pick ups, rosewood fretboard and vibrato. This guitar plays so smooth and sounds so musical. Its becoming my main guitar on gigs. I've become a fan of P90 style pickups now. The S90s sing harmonics I've never heard before.