The original Subdecay Liquid Sunshine was designed as a Class A boost meant to drive transparently either before or after other overdrives in your signal chain. It does not have a tone knob as the two drive knobs control the high and mids/lows respectively. 

Years of Production: 2004 - present

Product Specs

  • Liquid Sunshine
  • Orange
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Subdecay Liquid Sunshine
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  • Dose o' Liquid Sunshine comin' right up!

    Verified Purchase

    Killer versatility in an OD pedal of the low-to-mid gain variety. Gain fully ccw it's a warm Class A JFET booster. Pretty cool interplay between the drive and emphasis knobs I haven't experienced in any other of the many drive pedals I've owned. Wind up the emphasis knob and it's now a treble booste…

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  • Excellent

    Verified Purchase

    The only thing I can add to previous reviews is that, aside from being an excellent overdrive pedal for guitar, I found that the bass boost helps to make it a decent bass guitar overdrive pedal as well.

  • Great foundation pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I've been looking for a low gain overdrive to use at the end of my signal chain for quite some time, and this is finally the one. I have a darker sounding amp, so the internal bass cut and treble boost and the treble/upper mids gain knob really help give a more sparkly, ripping tone with some nice s…

  • Strength of character...

    Verified Purchase

    Not much I can say that the first reviewer hasn't already stated except for two things, the internal switches for bass boost and treble boost. Long story short, they're helpful and hurtful. My guitar has a medium output humbucker that already has ample bottom end. When I got my pedal I didn't rea…