Strymon Magneto Four-Head dTape Echo & Looper Eurorack Unit


Packing a multi-head tape delay and record head into a module for reams of atmospheric decay along with added functionality like phrase sampling, looping, and real onboard spring reverb, the Strymon Magneto instills true magnetic tape echo and mood into a Eurorack format with decks of parameters to tweak. Saturate your rig with beautifully modeled vintage tone powered by the company's renowned DSP technology and modify onboard controls like Tape Age, Crinkle, Flutter, and Wow to morph and layer tones, then send your sound into self-oscillation to transform even the most straightforward signals into wild, undulating landscapes.

Product Specs

  • Magneto Four Head dTape Echo and Looper Eurorack Unit
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Strymon Magneto Four-Head dTape Echo & Looper Eurorack Unit
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  • One of the best effects I've owned

    Verified Purchase

    It does well at being a good sounding digital tape emulation. That alone is a great effect but including Sample and Loop modes, as well as the Shift Mode takes great advantage of the digital architecture. The Shift Mode is particularly amazing. The Magneto seems to make anything sound better and more interesting.

  • Pretty amazing!

    Verified Purchase

    I’ve owned all sorts of analog and digital delays, loopers, and tape echoes. I would say that this unit falls right in the middle of the best combination of tactile use, sound and inspiration. It doesn’t sound as good as the Fultone Solid State Tape echo, but it’s pretty close. It does sound the bes…

  • Strymon Magneto - A deep, music, wonderful device

    Verified Purchase

    I've only scratched the surface of what this thing can do. The input and output options are very well balanced and create musical results. It's a blast to twist knobs and get good sounding results - it doesn't freak out in unpredictable ways often giving pleasant or surprising results. I'm still v…