Product Specs

  • MR816X Firewire Digital Audio Interface
  • Silver/Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Steinberg MR816X Firewire Digital Audio Interface
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  • Great pice of kit

    Superb firewire interface, especially if you're a Cubase user, as they intergrate very well straight into the DAW. I have 2 of these - an .x and a .csx. ( and am on the lookout for a 3rd one). The preamps sound really nice. The sweet spot morphing channel strip thingy feature on the .csx is a nice…

  • Great interface

    If you are still using firewire, then this interface is great. i used for a bluegrass band to do mobile recording, and it came out great. The mixing engineer was impressed with the quality and clarity of the tracks. Works great with Cubase 9.5 .