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Reviews for the Squier Mini V2
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  • Excellent for the money, even better with some setup work.

    Verified Purchase

    I've had 3 of these for various kids learning to play. Being a pro luthier, what I do with all of them is a) widen the string spacing at the nut which I do by filling the original slots w/ superglue and dust and then recutting the nut slots, b) set the intonation- the saddles will need to be quite …

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  • Great little guitar!

    I have played American Strats, Gibsons Rickenbackers. ect I had a wonderfull collect. After a bad car accident it may not have been in the card to play at all. Over time I had allow alot of great guitars make the move to new owners that I believe will enjoy them until there turn to pass along. This…

  • Verified Purchase

    I bot for my 4 yr old grand daughter. She has just started lessons and it is awesome! Great starter !!

  • Verified Purchase

    Disappointed..not very good..fretts are brutal..poor sound quality..i would not recommend this guitar.