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The Four-Tap Delay / Dual Crossfader module is a dual function module incorporating a unique delay with four tap outputs and a dual crossfader, often used to crossfade between output taps, offering unique effects not found in other delay units. The delay section offers four stereo output taps, voltage control and frequency modulation over delay time, and switchable delay lengths. The Crossfader section offers two independent crossfaders with 2 inputs each and CV over the control input. Each of the two sections are capable of being used on their own or in tandem to create unique and complex delay routings.

Specs:  22HP, 90 mA +12V, 90 mA -12V, 100 mA 5V

Product Specs

  • Four-Tap Delay/Dual Crossfader
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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