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The Spaceman Effects Aphelion Overdrive places surging tube amp tone in perfect harmony with an easy design and some of the most responsive controls on the market. Sporting three knobs for Tone, Drive, and Gain, the wonderfully transparent nature of this pedal lets you traverse through a wide spectrum of sparkly boost to a searing SRV crunch. Built on the principle of even-order harmonics with a tight EQ control to offer one of the most sought-after (and limited) overdrives on the market.

Product Specs

  • Aphelion Overdrive
  • Black Edition
  • Blue Sparkle Edition
  • Chrome Edition
  • Copper Edition
  • Navy Edition
  • Olive Edition
  • Purple Edition
  • Ruined Edition
  • Silver Edition
  • Silver Sparkle Edition
  • Turquoise Edition
  • White Edition
  • White Face Edition
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard
Reviews for the Spaceman Effects Aphelion Overdrive
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  • Fantastic natural Tone

    Verified Purchase

    i know, it's pedal and can't be "natural" but that is, the feeling it's guitar tone nice to ear, the tone is bigger and more pleasant to listen to but without being artificial.

  • Verified Purchase

    just nicks demo is a good one to c what its like retains a full spectrum and works from turned all the way down to all the way up not a bad sound!

  • Great pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I found that on its own run into clean amps the pedal seemed harsh. Were it really shines is hitting the drive channels of tube amps and stacking with other overdrives. It also sounds amazing run through reverbs and delays were the need for some cut is required. Yes its pricey but the sounds are fa…

More Information

The Spaceman Aphelion comes in a whopping 13 limited run editions: Silver (99 produced), Turquoise (88 produced), Black (22 produced with the Yellow LED, 55 with the Amp Jewel), Silver Sparkle (69 produced), Purple (44 produced), White (33 produced), Blue Sparkle (30 produced), Navy (22 produced), Copper (22 produced), Chrome (15 produced), Olive (3 produced), Ruined (3 produced), and White Face. The Copper, Navy, and White Editions use LED indicators, while all other Editions use Amp Jewel lights. The Black Edition has had runs of both a Yellow LED and an Amp Jewel.