Boasting three distinct drive engines right out of the box, the Source Audio L.A. Lady delivers over 50 years of classic fuzz and overdrive tones. The Classic mode gives you the original "Marshall in a box" tone, while the Smooth engine bumps up your midrange and gives you a subtle drive characteristic of modern Texas blues. Crunch mode is a creation courtesy of Source Audio, the company's own take on an overdriven tube amp. And with the Neuro mobile app, you've got an arsenal of drive, distortion, and fuzz tones right at your fingertips.

Product Specs

  • LA Lady Overdrive
  • Gold
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive
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  • Great features, but not my favorite sounds

    Verified Purchase

    Stereo overdrives are hard to come by, much less under $200, so I really wanted to like this pedal. Unfortunately, in spite of a great feature set and lots of tweakability, none of the sounds I got out of this pedal worked for me. I tried lots of options on the Neuro app, and designed some of my own…

  • Amazing sounds

    This pedal captures all the distortion and overdrives you can count! Everything Source Audio makes is rock solid and intuitive for players. It is digital so if you're looking for analog vintage tone - go get a Klon. This has a Klon setting and it nails it.

  • Fun right out of the box

    Verified Purchase

    If you like to have access to a ton of drives, get this pedal. There's a lot to learn to really master the potential of this pedal but even after 5 minutes with the Neuro App I had a range of crazy fuzz tones to a killer blues sound. It is digital but I must say it's hard to tell. Digital FX have really improved and this pedal is an example of that.

  • Verified Purchase

    I can think of two reasons to have a stereo overdrive: 1) Feeding the signal through twice 2) Using multiband processing. Another thing I like about this pedal is that you can also make it a Kingmaker or Aftershock.

  • This can do anything!!!

    This overdrive can get you any sound you are looking for and has a built in noise gate if you want to activate it. Buying this pedal will save you lots of money cause It has models of every pedal u can think of and you can even tweak the perimeters of that drive. Crazy