Rock your rig with the Aftershock Bass Distortion from Source Audio. Complete with three separate drive engines right out of the box, and a whole slew of other options using the Neuro Mobile App, the Aftershock can take you from creamy overdrive right to wailing fuzz and back again. Tube mode gives you the vintage crunch of an old tube amp, while Heavy mode offers up hard-core scooped drive. Finally, the Fuzz engine serves up intense germanium fuzz tones.

Product Specs

  • Aftershock Bass Distortion
  • Orange
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Source Audio Aftershock Bass Distortion
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  • A Tank

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal provides many options and much color to its owner...highly recommend.

  • Tones are endless!

    Verified Purchase

    Most versatile bass overdrive I've ever had. The tones are endless, 5 stars, excellent!

  • OMG, and Neuro rocks

    Verified Purchase

    Some complaints on Android app store is that you have to sign up w/ Source Audio. DO IT! The sounds they have on-line and the flexibility of the tones is great. My favorite is a dark glass ish drive with a decent amount of clean, but this thing is an absolute blast to play with.

  • might be my best pedal purchase ever

    Verified Purchase

    ridiculous versatility. sounds first rate out of the box, and most people would never have to get into programming new patches, but they've made it so easy and have offered so much breadth, this really is the only distortion you might ever need--now and well into the future. thank you for making this, Source Audio!

  • Catalyst to a whole new board

    Verified Purchase

    I'm a dirt freak and this pedal changed how I viewed my entire board. I've been a fan of Source Audio stuff for years but only now, do I fully appreciate (and understand) the depth and versatility of their offerings. The Aftershock (in combination with a HUB so I can have multiple presets) gives m…