Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 Control Surface and Audio Interface


The Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 is an update to the popular Nucleus control surface and audio interface, giving you a pristine stereo audio path and hands-on control of up to three DAWs, talkback and Dante connectivity. A pair of mic preamps share the SuperAnalogue topology of the Duality and AWS consoles, with switchable phantom power, polarity reversal and 80Hz high-pass filter. These pres are extremely clean and transparent, and quiet as can be even with higher gain settings. A SuperAnalogue monitor path plays back from your DAW with the utmost clarity, letting you hear every last detail within your mix. Speaking of the mix, that's where the Nucleus 2 really shines. Give the mouse a rest -- 16 bankable, touch-sensitive motorized faders, assignable V-pots and softkeys give you tons of customizable control of your DAW and plugins with handy scribble strips to show you what you're up against. Rounded out by talkback, a nicely-outfitted monitor section, full transport and Dante interface for multi-room networking, the Nucleus 2 is a serious tool for the serious project and professional studio.

Product Specs

  • Nucleus 2 Control Surface and Audio Interface
  • White
  • 2010s

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