Product Specs

  • SA-1 9 Volt Power Supply
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Snark SA-1 9 Volt Power Supply
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  • Pedal power with ease

    Someone I bought a Blackstar pedal off of threw one of these in. It works awesome and is compatible with the Godlyke power all cables and daisy chain power strip. It is also compatible with the Caline 9 power block. It will power up to 5 pedals, never tried more than that and it is noiseless and never even gets luke warm. Nice!!

  • Straight Forward

    Plug and play your favorite pedal

  • Verified Purchase

    Great product.

  • A power supply with a daisy chain

    Verified Purchase

    It plugs into the wall and powers up to a whopping 5 devices! What more can you ask for? It works as advertised! Couldn’t be happier unless maybe it came with a $100 bill in it. Or even a $5.00 bill lol

  • Yay!

    Verified Purchase

    It friggin works! 🤓