Marketed as "Gilmour in a Box," the Skreddy P19 Fuzz pulls its tone from David Gilmour's work on "The Wall." With mids that are precisely scooped to clear out any mud and subtly rolled lows to eliminate any boomy qualities, you get a balanced, dynamic fuzz that won't overwhelm you. Flesh out your fuzz with the Sustain, Volume, and Tone controls or hit hte tone even further with a Flat/Hump switch. The magic of '70s fuzz is readily available with the Skreddy P19.

Product Specs

  • P19 Fuzz
  • Silver
  • 2012
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Skreddy P19 Fuzz
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  • Top Notch

    Verified Purchase

    Great stand alone fuzz pedal that delivers cleanish tone as well as over the top fuzz

  • Tone Heaven!

    Verified Purchase

    If you're looking for a great fuzz, do your ears a favor & just buy this tone machine. it's got THAT sound!!!!

  • "The Wall" in a stomp box!!

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is absolutely amazing! Designed to replicate the muff sound on "The Wall" as you hear it on the actual album, and to that end, I say Bravo!! It has this sort of "compressed" sound that seems thick! Very focused yet plenty of grit to get wild with it. I pair it with a Powerboost and I'm r…