You want to keep your pride and joy safe when you're playing a show down the road or out on the road, and the SKB 1SKB-56 Deluxe Les Paul Guitar Hard Case is like the perfectly engineered security blanket. A custom-molded plush interior plus neck stabilization keeps your LP neatly tucked away while features like a fiberglass exterior TSA-approved locking system are ready for any situation.

Product Specs

  • 1SKB-56 Deluxe Les Paul Guitar Hard Case with TSA Latches
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the SKB 1SKB-56 Deluxe Les Paul Guitar Hard Case w/ TSA Latches
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  • Verified Purchase

    This is a great case it fits my Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro perfect. No moving around a good tight fit. Case is solid,I like that I can lock this case. It’s worth the money you won’t need another case.

  • Worth it

    Verified Purchase

    I ordered this case to replace my original Gibson case for my LP. It weighs about 1/3rd of what the original case weighs and feels about 5 times more durable. It's a snug fit. But, there's room for storage in the compartment under the neck. There are 5 latches. One of them locks. All of them are higher quality than the ones on my original case. I'm glad I bought this.

  • Worth the money, great protection

    Verified Purchase

    I have a 1977 Gibson Les paul custom. I had the original case and I noticed the guitar inside the original case was moving alot. It made me nervous. The seller I talked with had similar year les paul said his fit great. I place my guitar in the case and it defiently moved alot less in the case. Stil…

  • as advertised very good construction and my paul fit like a glove

    Verified Purchase

    I have carbon fiber cases that hold two guitars for flight, this one rates right there with that! very impressed with the bang for the buck! atta boy SKB!

  • Great deal

    Verified Purchase

    Love the case. Nice fit for my Les Paul.