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Reviews for the Shure Unidyne III SM57
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  • Shure SM57 Unidyne III is the real deal in dynamic mics

    Verified Purchase

    This mic sounds amazing on a guitar cabinet. Far smoother beyond anything else I own including ones costing far more.

  • Unidyne III SM57

    Verified Purchase

    This mic sounds very similar to a modern SM57 but with three major improvements - less 3k harshness, a touch more bottom below 150, and a touch more top above 5k. Basically all of the things you have to do to make an SM57 sound good, this naturally has.

  • Verified Purchase

    Beautiful sounding mic...came high impedence but easily rewired via the cable thanks to Shure having the old manuals downloadable...excellent customer care and a great reassurance buying old Shures knowing that so much information is available. I prefer its sound to my '90's SM57 and may get a…

  • Great sounding mic! I like it better than the SM57.

    Verified Purchase

    Love this mic! The vintage vibe of the body and specially the sound. To me, it has more harmonics than the SM57 and a little less distortion. It sounds less compressed. Worth the value. The one I got was in prestige shape.