Shure SM7  Rare Legendary Mic
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The Shure SM7, predecessor to the SM7A and SM7B, is legendary for being used by Michael Jackson on "Thriller." It is a bright dynamic cardioid microphone without a humbucking coil and is considered by many to be preferable to the SM7A and SM7B.

Product Specs

  • SM7
  • Black
  • 1980s
Transducer Type
  • Dynamic

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Reviews for the Shure SM7
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  • Best dynamic vocal mic. Period

    Verified Purchase

    I have tried them all. Heil, EV, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Rode, Audio-Technica, etc... I keep coming back to the SM7. Often duplicated never replicated. A fantastic classic legendary sounding 🎤

  • Verified Purchase

    Love it!!!

  • My new (vintage) SM7.

    Verified Purchase

    I just got it but I have had an SM7B for years. I read all the comparison forums but no one could really nail the differences between the two. What I have found is that I hear more low-mid in the SM7, but a slightly bigger bottom in the SM7B and it sounds a bit more open to my ears. Both mics sound wonderful especially at their price.

  • Made in USA SM7 is the best!

    Verified Purchase

    Original MJ mic! Can not go wrong with this dynamic wonder. It has that mojo, that easy to sing in it no matter what kind of 'je ne sais quoi'! A must have mic for the screamer alternative male vocalist and all others. Get the rare USA version if possible. All other versions are great too. Happy music making :-)