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Reviews for the Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe
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  • Verified Purchase

    No issues, fast delivery, sounds fantastic. Extremely pleased with the transaction.

  • shin-ei uni vibe

    Not all piece are out of spec. One would be surprised how a resistor will stay in spec, I test 55/60 year old resistors daily that are exactly where they should be. As for caps they need to be changed in most cases. Not a big deal. Vintage is the way to go!!

  • Truly Natural

    Verified Purchase

    It is the real thing. But what is real? We all know, that the original internal components are off-spec by now. So all original vintage Univibes sound slightly different. I have tried the Korg Nuvibe, which is nice. And the Guitarsystems Vibetool, which actually comes VERY close to the original. So…

  • Shin-Ei

    These pedals are really natural and creamy sounding. There have been a lot of copies but nothing really beats the original.