Product Specs

  • ST59-1 Little '59 Lead for Tele Bridge Pickup
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little '59 Lead for Tele Black
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  • Verified Purchase

    Nice sounding pickup. Clear and articulate and fairly warm for a bridge. Pairs well with my Seth Lover neck humbucker. I’m using 500k volume and tone pots with a .022 capacitor and a treble bleed circuit.

  • Great and versatile pickup!

    Verified Purchase

    Decided to try one in the bridge of a tele I was building. With a dpdt switch for series/parallel/south coil, I couldn't be happier. In series it reminds me almost exactly of a dimarzio paf humbucker I had in the 80s, (which I loved), parallel has a more tele snap, way less bass response, but still …

  • Great with my old Gibson mini humbucker

    All I wanted was a good match for my parts tele, to go with with a late '60's mini hb (neck) for jazz and blues, primarily with both pickups on. In fact, it's also smooth and sweet by itself, and quiet, not shrill or thin sounding. It was a happy surprise to be able to use it that way, too.

  • I dig Duncan's, but not this one.

    All pickup reviews are subjective so I'll call it like I saw it. I was trying to get a Tele to rip like it had a big fat humbucker in the bridge. This was decent, but I had my ear honed in looking for something this can't quite replicate. I mean it's good, but it is not a full on humbucker if that's what you want.

  • This pickup makes me want to play my tele partscaster!

    Verified Purchase

    Originally I built a tele with a 54 custom single coil in bridge position with a single coil in neck. Hated the sound, thin and weak with no balls. I had bought the '59 as an afterthought since I wanted that "single coil tele spank" in the parts caster I built. I built the guitar with 2 volume and o…