The Seymour Duncan Catalina Chorus pedal sports a range of classic chorus and modulation effects, but really comes to life with its unique expressive dynamics section that responds to your playing. Standard rate and depth controls team up with a wet/dry blend, a tone control and a delay for a plethora of effects that usually requires multiple pedals. With the dynamic expression feature, you can make use of more extreme depth and rate settings, then control the intensity of the effect with how loud or soft you're picking.

Product Specs

  • Catalina Chorus Pedal
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Seymour Duncan Catalina Dynamic Chorus Pedal
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  • Great Warm/Bodied Sounding Chorus Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    After playing a little while with the Catalina Dynamic Chorus I have grown to like it seriously! At first I was a little disappointed in the inabilities to really brighten the tone of the modulation really well but have found ways other than just using the tone knob to brighten the effect sound by u…

  • Good sound but dynamics are not as pronounecd as I had hoped.

    Verified Purchase

    Lots of great tones from this chorus! My only gripe is that the dynamic response was not as sensitive or pronounced as I would've liked; there wasn't much difference between a little & a lot chorus. I couldn't justify the board space.

  • Verified Purchase

    A great chorus pedal. Check out the demo by ProGuitarShop in YouTube of this pedal. It is a grout analog chorus pedal as you see in the demo. I was considering RetroSonic Chorus, but I this pedal has plenty more features than that so I got this instead and I couldn't be happier. Really cool sounding Chorus pedal!!!

  • Get this, don’t go cheap

    Verified Purchase

    I had an MXR analog chorus but it just wasn’t chorus-y enough. This can be just as subtle as the MXR if you want, but can go so much farther. I love being able to adjust the time (delay) to get more warble while still keeping the depth low if I want. When I first played them both side by side I actu…

  • Hands down, the best chorus pedal out there!

    Verified Purchase

    I have tried many, many chorus pedals, from the least to the most expensive. Some have had sine curve adjustments, some have had tone adjustments, some have had included vibrato, some have included flanger. I've tried 'em all...and was never satisfied. Until I tried the Catalina. This pedal gives me…