In an eye-catching mint green chassis, the Seymour Duncan 805 offers up a versatile, classic overdrive that can dish out tones perfect for blues, metal, rock, country, or any other genre you could dream up. The 805 has simple-to-use, intuitive Level and Drive controls, but this pedal offers up more: a 3-band EQ for all of your precision shaping needs. With the 805, you can create a creamy, bluesy overdrive, searing metal tones with scooped mids, crunchier rock sounds, and more. Just switch it on, dial in, and play!

Product Specs

  • 805 Overdrive Pedal
  • Seafoam Green
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive
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  • SEYMOUR 805

    Verified Purchase

    I have a BOSS Blues Driver, great pedal! I have a TS-9, great pedal! But the one I like the best is the Seymour Duncan 805! It is a very sweet overdrive!

  • Under the radar beast

    Verified Purchase

    I've tried tons of tube screamer type pedals but never keep them long. I still own a great 80's TS9 and it's hard to beat but always hate the low end loss. This pedal sounds great and is more versatile with the ability to tailor the eq. I'm not sure why I don't see more of these on peoples' boards but it's a great addition to any pedalboard for its tone and versatility.

  • Amazingly punchy pedal!

    Verified Purchase

    This is an amazingly punchy pedal when you blend it in with the distortion/over drive from a guitar head. It has a very clean drive. You can hear the articulation in your notes....reminds me of Nuno Bettencourt type tone.

  • Versatile

    Verified Purchase

    I dove into the world of overdrive starting with a behringer green OD. I wasn't too familiar with the concept as I have been using a Line 6 spider valve for almost 8 years and never needed one. But when I got my first all tube head I needed that boost for some extra sharp tones. The EQ is a great fe…

  • Tubular Screamer

    Verified Purchase

    Love this pedal! The EQ controls are a Godsend, I always found Tube Screamers too mid-heavy while sacrificing some low end. The 805 allows me to boost the lows some, dial back enough mids, and sweeten to taste with the high control. Plus it just has such clarity, really fine effort from the Seymour …