Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
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Despite its lesser-known name, the 1982 Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 improves upon the Prophet 5 -- and goes at a much more affordable price point. As its name suggests, the Prophet 600 has a six-voice polyphony using 61 keys. It also boasts an onboard sequencer, an arpeggiator, and far more memory storage for patches, along with audio, MIDI, and CV I/O capabilities, giving it a flexibility that the Prophet 5 may lack.

Product Specs

  • Prophet 600
  • Black
  • 1980s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
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  • A truly unique classic

    Early Sequential Circuits synthesizers have a truly unique and almost enigmatic quality to them. Maybe that's the case because they were produced by a relatively small company from San Francisco, the weirdo capital of the world and a hotbed for experimental music around the time of SCI's birth as a …

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  • Prophet 600 sounds great!

    Verified Purchase

    Thank you for an excellent Prophet 600. The thick analog sounds of this synth are wonderful for creating music in the studio and for live performance. I had a Juno 106 as my first synth and was contemplating getting a Juno. While I will likely get a Juno in the future, I am happy I went with the VC…

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  • GliGli Prophet 600

    Verified Purchase

    The sound of the GliGli mod truly brings this synth to a whole new level. I just simply bond with the sound and the layout of the controls. Definitely a fantastic option to consider when purchasing an old poly especially for the price.

  • Highly recommend !

    Very underrated analog beauty .

  • Prophet 600

    Verified Purchase

    Thank you very much we use to have another prophet 600 and we were really attached to it .The one we got was in excellent condition and we are very happy with it . Theres nothing like the analog sounds from this keyboard and we look forward to having this wonderful instrument for our studio . Take care and best wishes .