sE Electronics V7 Handheld Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

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Reviews for the sE Electronics V7 Handheld Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone
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  • Amazing rejection for live vocals

    Verified Purchase

    This mic is magic for rejecting unwanted sound sources. It requires good mic technique because the cardioid pattern is really tight and drops off sharply. Other than that, it sounds like a slightly less boxy 58, which is pretty much exactly what I’d want.

  • Very good mic

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    I have other mics that are {in my opinion} good for live bands, sennheiser e935,ev967,ev767,heil pr22 that i like using, and shure sm58,beta58 that i dont like using. I am looking forward to using the sE Electronics v7 more to see how it does in my situation. I dont think anyone would go wrong trying one

  • Output was low, not clear

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    I finally got a chance to test this mic at a gig and, I'm sorry to say that after one song I went back to my EV ND 767a. I was really disappointed after all of the reviews that were so positive. In my world if something does not perform up to my expectations or does not give me what I need it's gone.

  • sE Electronics V7

    Verified Purchase

    Incredible microphone! So much better than the 58. Great on vocals with very little to no EQ needed. Actually did a test against the Neumann KMS104 and besides a gain difference this mic performed better in the low and low mids, and kept up with the highs. Incredible price for the quality you receive.

  • Verified Purchase

    Better then a 58 for vocals. This mic ignores so much of the clicks and pops of the amps around it being blasted by guitars.