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Originally part of the Vault family, the Artisan series is Sabian's rendition of nuanced, tonally complex vintage cymbals produced in the early and mid Twentieth Century. These cymbals are produced with a "Masterpiece" finish created from fire-refined B20 bronze, allowing traces of silver to remain in the alloy and producing a sedate brilliance to the final product.

The Light Ride combines the dark, sustained wash of the Artisan crash with a heavily hammered and lathed bow/bell designed for expressive articulation.

Years of production: 2008-present

Composition: Sabian B20 Alloy (80% bronze, 20% copper, traces of silver)

Notable players: Billy Cobham, Jojo Mayer, Tony Royster Jr.

Product Specs

  • 24" Artisan Light Ride
  • Natural
  • 2010s