Designed with a medium-light profile, raw bell for added volume and a brilliant finish for a bright character, the Sabian 18" AAX X-plosion Crash is a high-volume cymbal built for modern live music environments. Capable of trumping a half-stack with ease and bursting immediately to the fore of a mix, this cymbal is designed for heavy hitters who want their crash immediately present.

Product Specs

  • 18" AAX X-plosion Crash
  • Brilliant
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Canada

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Reviews for the Sabian 18" AAX X-plosion Crash
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  • Sabian AAX X-Plosion Crash

    Verified Purchase

    These Cymbals sound great. Fierce attack and quick decay with a shimmering sound. I bought an 18" & 19" and compared them to my Sabian Metal-X's of the same sizes and knew right away that I had made the right choice. They both sound great in their own way's but I think I prefer the AAX X-Plosion's. These are going to stay on my Studio kit from now on.

  • Overall amazing

    Clear bell sound and great overall crash. This cymbal is very well tuned and it blends with literally everything I played it with from other Sabians to Zildjians of different sizes and models. Overall amazing sound that makes you want this one with you in every setting. Great value!

  • Nice match

    Verified Purchase

    Compliments my 17" x-plosion crash very nicely. Fast decay

  • As close to perfect as possible!

    Verified Purchase

    This cymbal is very probably the best crash cymbal ever manufactured. Bright, shimmery, and sweet, but with an 18" cymbals depth and body. It is as well, a ruggedly constructed instrument, which seems easily able to absorb years of troglodytic poundings. The AAX-Plosion is also voiced such that i…